Friday, 16 November 2012

Stars and Scraps Quilt Going To Japan!

I have finished my Stars and Scraps Quilt! It is now winging it's way to Japan, I hope my friend Matsuo san likes it. Actually, in other exciting news, do you remember me saying that I would love to meet her again (after 8 years)? Well, I have only persuaded the lovely Tim to go with me next year! Yippee! We have timed our holiday to coincide with cherry blossom season. Too exciting.

Anyhow, back to the quilt, I love the overall effect. The star block is very simple but effective. Here it is looking lovely in Mum and Dad's garden. My legs on this photo make me chuckle.

Yes it is me holding the quilt!

Here it is momentarily in my home. It was quite tempting to keep the quilt I can tell you!

Just before I go, here's a quick look at the lovely spotty backing fabric and pink floral binding...
Love it! I can't wait to crack on with the next one now.