Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Emma's Cot Quilt

I have finished sewing together the top of Emma's Cot Quilt. I am so happy to finally be making some progress with this quilt, it seems like I've been working on everything else but this recently. I love the chevrons, I will defo be making this pattern again. Spot the deliberate mistake in the top left corner. I spent FOREVER sewing and resewing all the pieces so no two fabric patterns were together (or so I thought!). I didn't notice the error until after I'd sewn the whole quilt top. It actually made me laugh out loud because I've been so particular about it. I've decided to live with it (and Emma won't notice!).

Here's a close up. Look at the points of those triangles, what a relief!
This last one boggles the eye.

I'll be hitting the fabric shops of York tomorrow for the backing and binding! Yippee!


  1. Okay is it me? Where is the mistake?!
    Looks amazing.

  2. The ruddy blue and white striped ones! Most annoying.