Wednesday, 21 November 2012

No More Glass Please

I only have 3 more stained glass classes so I'm on a bit of a deadline to try and get moving with my stained glass window at home. Due to the bijoux nature of my house, this process has been taking place on my lounge floor. Not ideal. I've put loads of plastic down, but glass splinters still fly everywhere. The lovely Tim is thrilled I can tell you. I have been cutting out glass for hours, and hours and hours - actually probably forever now I think about it. If I've not been at work I've been cutting. My fingers are so sore, I have broken countless pieces of glass, but finally I have finished the 124 coloured pieced of glass required for my window. I cannot describe my happiness.

Anyway enough whinging, I think it's been worth the effort (almost). Ta Dah!

I have also just started the leading process. I have chosen to vary the size of the lead depending on its position in the window. The straight lines are the widest, the outer circles are medium sized lead and finally the smallest circles have he smallest width lead. I hope it will add a nice effect.
Ooh, it's getting far more exciting now!


  1. Oh this is going to be amazing. I can hardly wait for the final product.
    Ps. I've been waiting for this update tonight!

  2. Really enjoying the leading - so far!