Thursday, 15 November 2012

Emma's Christmas Stocking

I've had a lovely day with my sister and niece. I've literally just walked in the door but I have to share with you the Christmas stocking. It's turned out really fab and even gained Emma's seal of approval!

The entire project took about 2 or 3 hours. Here is Vicky cutting out the fabric (we drew round Vicky's shop bought Christmas stocking to get the right shape). Vicky had a lovely red gingham from a previous craft project which we used for the lining.
We had a very captive audience in the form of Emma, who found the whole process fascinating but especially the sewing machine. We hardly heard a peep from her. Here she is checking that the batting is up to scratch. Sorry about the drool, she'd cut her first tooth today - so exciting!
Here's me at the machine adding a few finishing touches. We inadvertently deviated from the pattern, so had to add a binding on. Oops.
Here is the final stocking, we added a big letter E (for Emma) using the same green fabric as the backing. Vicky still wants to blanket stitch round the letter for a bit of extra decoration and add a jingle bell, but otherwise it's done!

Now we just have to hope that Emma has been a good girl this year...!


Here is the totally finished stocking, blanket stitched and jingling!


  1. Ooo it looks brilliant! I wish I wasn't infected and could've taken the day off to help you guys! I am very excited to see this tooth!