Sunday, 18 November 2012

Half Square Triangle Layouts

I've finally finished trimming my half square triangles (hst), so I'm ready to start sewing them together. Yay! I've spent most of this afternoon trying a few different layouts in my design space (aka the lounge floor). Each hst is made up of one 'dark' and one 'light' fabric, unfortunately I think my fabric choices were a bit too similar so it lacks a bit of contrast! When I started these blocks I had in mind that I'd do chevrons. First I tried keeping the chevrons the same fabric right across the quilt. It looks quite nice in this photo, but just didn't really work in real life. Too bold.

Then I tried pairing the 'dark' fabrics, so the blues together, the pinks together, the greens together. This didn't work as I didn't have a pair for all the fabrics. Hmm.

I then gave up on the hst idea and tried pinwheels. I wasn't happy with this either. It looks too confused, again because the contrast between the 'dark' and 'light' fabrics isn't bold enough.

I then had one more go with the chevrons, using a random layout of all the 'darks' and all the 'lights' for each chevron. I think I'm happiest with this pattern, what do you think?
I think I've learnt a lesson here from this quilt - contrast, contrast, contrast! I'm not giving up though, I will carefully choose a binding fabric and hopefully that will make the colours in the final quilt really pop.

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  1. I started sewing my squares together the other day, the fabric seemed to be bunching together a bit. Is that normal??