Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Stained Glass Window

Well, I've already shown you the glass I'm using for my project in the stained glass evening class, but I haven't yet shared my design. I'm hoping to replace a glass panel in my lounge - it's basically a side panel to the door. Until last week we actually has a glass door too, but we've finally replaced it with a reclaimed oak panel door and it looks so much nicer. I can't wait to replace the side panel, the striped safety glass is awful. I'm focussing on just the top pane at the moment as it's quite large (110cm x 39cm). Maybe I'll attempt the bottom pane in the future if this one goes well.

My design is quite simple but hopefully will look good in glass. Circles and squares.

What do you think? I'll be tackling it this evening so wish me luck!