Friday, 19 October 2012

Fireplace Tiles

Back to the eBay fireplace that I originally posted about here and here. Further progress has been made. I really love the cast iron insert (it actually turns out to be a Stovax Art Nouveaux) but the existing tiles just HAVE to go! To that end I've been on the look out for some reclaimed tiles and I finally saw the perfect ones. I'm not sure if they're repro or actually old but either way I'm happy as they are simply stunning, such a beautiful colour and pattern.

Lovely aren't they?

As there were only 6 reclaimed tiles, I needed 4 others to tie-in (10 total - 5 each side). Actually a little tip here - the fact that there were only 6 tiles made them far cheaper than if there had been the full complement of 10 tiles, so if you are happy to find something that works as a spacer tile you can save quite a bit of cash.

Fired Earth sell some beautiful tiles and I managed to get some cream 6" x 6" crackled cream tiles that look wonderful (called Iron Bridge Verdigris) and are a perfect match colour wise to the cream portion of the reclaimed tile. They also have the crackle glaze that gives them an antique look.

It's all starting to come together! I just can't wait to have a working fireplace once more.

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