Tuesday, 30 October 2012


I have knitted my first pair socks. I must confess it has taken an age because after finishing one I kind of lost interest halfway through the second! I suppose that is what happens when you have mahoosive feet like mine! Anyway, they are complete now and keeping my tootsies lovely and snuggly as I type this.

I know, swit swoo!
These socks are 'Toe-Up Traditional Socks'. The pattern is available in the pattern book 'Knitting 24/7' by Veronik Avery and features some stunning patterns and photography. Happily, this book was a Christmas present from last year - I am a lucky lady, thank you Angharad!

The wool I used was Regia Color 4-ply (a sock yarn). The multi-colour was wonderful to knit with as each stitch came out a different colour. I think the finished effect is like a Monet painting. Beautiful.

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