Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Guest Blog

Today's blog post is brought to you courtesy of my lovely sister Vicky. She has been making some cute clothes for her daughter, I'll leave the rest to her (and yes she came up with her blogging name all be herself)!

Hello there, I have been asked by my lovely sister Sally (thought sparkle) to put together a little blog post about a recent crafty project I have completed. I was actually inspired to have a go at making something after seeing the fantastic things Sally has created. I am not as talented as Sally and it has been a long time since I touched a sewing machine so I wanted to start with something simple.

I decided I wanted to make my daughter Emma a pinafore dress and managed to find a fantastic free tutorial on the smashed peas and carrots blog. As soon as I saw how easy the tutorial was I thought instead of making one dress I would make two. The first dress is made from Amy Butler fabric in the Lark range, unfortunately I don't know what the second fabric is.
It was a great tutorial to follow and i managed to make the dresses in only a few hours, Emma even enjoyed watching me in her high chair while I sewed away. I'm so pleased with the way the dresses have turned out. Here is a picture of the completed dresses.

I really struggled to find the right buttons as i wanted chunky but finally found the right style and colour in Atkinsons, Sheffield. Aren't they cute?

Here is a picture of Emma in her dress. The whole outfit was a real bargain, I picked up the jeans for £4 from Primark and the vest for £3 from H&M. I think she looks smashing.

Bye for now!
Vicky (thought vejazzle)


  1. Vickys name made me laugh. Also I think that second photo of Emma is just perfect!

  2. So funny. That's my favourite photo too!