Saturday, 2 March 2013

Coloured Glass

I have finally finished my first stained glass window, I think I'll leave the final reveal until after it has been fitted (sorry!). This has meant that my thoughts have turned to the next project and I really only have one option - the glass panel beneath the first project (which is still sporting hideous safety glass - see here). I'd really like to get the two panels fitted at the same time so I need to crack on.

I used lots of circles for the original panel, but don't think I want to do the same again as it might be a bit visually overwhelming. My thoughts at the moment are to go with squares and rectangles. We'll see. The lovely Tim was kind enough to drive me to Kansa Glass today. I have chosen five different pieces of glass. Although the colours tie in with my first panel, I have changed the palette to include purples and exclude greens. I'll also include the leftover glass from the original panel.

So pretty... but yes I did manage to break one piece on the way home!!

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