Thursday, 13 December 2012

Icing Christmas Trees

I've made a start with the icing design for my Christmas Cakes and thought I'd share it with you. It's Christmas trees this year. Obviously.

I used flower paste for the design as it is so nice to work with, you can roll it really thin and it sets hard. The cutter and green food colouring I bought from my Imaginative Icing. Sorry about this next photo - it's food dye honestly!

I use the paste colours when dying flower paste as it stops the icing getting too wet and sticky and gives a much stronger colour than traditional liquid food colouring. I use the tip of a paint brush (never used for paint!) and dab a small amount onto a a third of the required flower paste. Working the dye into a smaller amount of the flower paste, then adding the remainder of the icing, helps achieve an even colour and avoids streaks. I then rolled the icing out on baking parchment dusted with icing sugar.
Then got cutting...
and cutting...
and cutting - Phew. I also cut some stars that I might use for the tops of the trees.

I'm letting them dry out this evening but I'll add a bit more decoration to the trees tomorrow.


  1. theyre looking good so far! are you going to go for the circular design on the right when you stick them on? it reminds me of the day we cut out and stuck together what must have been a thousand flowers for your wedding cake :D

  2. I must admit my wrists are killing me today! Not sure about final design, I'm winging it!