Saturday, 15 December 2012

Christmas Tree Christmas Cakes

I've finished my Christmas Cakes! Woo woo! I can rest easy for another year. It's funny, although I make six cakes, I don't keep any for myself - they're all gifts. One for my colleagues, one for Tim's colleagues, one for my Mum and Dad, one for Tim's Mum and Dad, one for my Auntie and Uncle and one for my Dad's best friend. Not really sure how that happened!!

To finish these cakes is pretty easy. I use royal icing which is the traditional icing and sets hard. I used a spatula to dollop the icing onto the marzipanned cake.

I spread the icing over the top of the cake first, then the sides. Trying to spread it the icing evenly and ensuring no yellow of the marzipan is peeping through is the hardest bit.

I like to go for a snowstorm effect for my Christmas Cakes (because it's easiest!). I just use the flat of the spatula and tap the cake, the icing sticks an gets pulled into peaks as you pull away. See snowy?!
Then just stick your decorations onto the wet royal icing. Easy.

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