Monday, 13 May 2013

Fab Fabric

I've been very busy this week rustling up a quilt, before I share the finished quilt with you I thought I'd share the fabric with you. A couple of weekends ago my sister Anna (Minnie loves) came to York and we tried out a lovely little café that has opened in York. It's called Me and Mrs Fisher and I thoroughly recommend it for crafty types. What is so great about it (apart from the delicious cheese scones) is that it also has a small but perfectly formed haberdashery upstairs where they also hold regular sewing and crafting workshops. I KNOW food and crafts - what a great combo! The whole place really has a crafty, friendly vibe. Anyway, Anna and I had a mooch around the haberdashery and  both fell in love with this wonderful sputnik fabric.

Retro Rocket Rascals by Michael Miller

It's a Michael Miller fabric and has the best name - Retro Rocket Rascals! The trouble was neither of us could think who would like a quilt made of this fabric so we left it. Coincidentally, only a few hours later my other sister, Vicky, phoned me and suggested I make a quilt as a first birthday present for a friend's son. Ting! Inspiration struck and I knew I had to buy the Rocket Rascals! Such hardship.

I went back to Me and Mrs Fisher and not only bought the Retro Rocket Rascals, but also a second Michael Miller fabric. This one is called Toot Toot (loving these fabric names). I have since noticed that Allison Harris of Cluck Cluck Sew (and one of my favourite quilters) has used this fabric in her new book, so it must be good!

Michael Miller Toot Toot

I knew I wanted a third fabric, but just couldn't find anything that really matched. Anna came to the rescue when she found this lovely red and lime splodgey fabric from John Lewis in Sheffield. It's part of the Katherine's Wheel collection and is designed by Nel Whatmore for Free Spirit Westminster Fibers.

Katherine's Wheel Nel Whatmore Free Spirit Westminster Fibers

I'll blog about the finished quilt as soon as I hear it has arrived safely. The birthday boy's mum sometimes read this blog and I don't want to ruin the surprise. Ooh I hope they like it!

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  1. These fabrics work so well together - you have got such a great eye for it :)