Friday, 10 May 2013

Another Guest Blog

Do you remember the evening I spent with sewing with my sister (Vicky) cutting out fabric for a little dress for her daughter? Well she has finished the project and has kindly written a guest blog about it! The pattern she followed is Simplicity 1924. Over to Vicky...
Well the little dress is complete and I must admit I am rather pleased with it. It is absolutely not perfect, there are plenty of mistakes but even so I think the finished article looks great. I hope you agree?
Simplicity 1924
In order to try to stop you making some of the same mistakes I did, I will give you a little overview:
1) The scalloped piping is a nightmare, it just doesn't flex well enough. After several attempts (I think at least 4), I ended up snipping all the seam allowances and handstitching the piping in place. This then kept it in position well enough to be able to machine stitch.

Simplicity 1924
2) If you look closely you may notice the ties and shoulder straps are sewn on the wrong way round. My advice is to take care here, unfortunately for me I didn't notice this error until I had moved on too far to be able to unpick it.

3) I made an error with the lower piped bodice section in that I should have turned the raw edges inwards and made a nice seam with the raw bit hidden, instead I just folded the fabric over so it isn't as neat as it should be. Luckily it is hidden away behind the bodice section and I will have to hope it doesn't fray.
I really enjoyed making this dress and it was very quick to put together once the fabric had been cut and I had finally worked out the bodice piping. A lovely little project, I would definitely recommend having a go.

Vicky (thought Vejazzle)

Thanks for that Vicky, the finished dress is really beautiful. Love, love, love the horse riding photo! What are you making next?

I'm linking up to Crazy Mom Quilts, Finish it Up Friday. Normal quilting will resume shortly!

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