Friday, 4 January 2013

Yippee I've Finished a Quilt!

Emma's quilt was finished (just!) before Christmas, but as it was a present I couldn’t do the grand reveal on the blog until after she’d unwrapped it again. I realise that it's unlikely that a 7 month old is reading my blog, but you can never be too careful.

It was Emma's first Christmas so I wanted to give her something special that she could keep. I think she liked it, actually her favourite bit was when I wafted her with it (we're odd). Here she is snuggling - what a cutie. 

I’d shown you the initial quilting before when I’d first decided to go for a zig-zag but before I'd infilled. Oh why did I ever think that the ziz-zag was a good idea? It pushed Mum’s old Frister Rossman and my sanity to the limits. As soon as I turned any corners, the thread would start looping at the back. So annoying. It was worth the challenge though because the quilting really adds to the impact of the design, bringing out the chevrons.

Here's the quilt from the back. I am in love with the gorgeous backing fabric and binding.

I hope it will bring Emma many years of cuddles and warmth.


  1. Aw, how precious! What a beautiful quilt for a beautiful wee girl. I'm sure she'll treasure it in the years to come.

  2. such a beautiful quilt for a sweet little girl :)