Saturday, 12 January 2013

My Sister Came to Visit

My younger sister Anna came to visit me in York today, we had a lovely day of crafting activities. She has finished her first ever quilt top and needed a bit of help choosing some backing fabrics and binding. I'm always happy to do a bit of fabric shopping so we ended up going to every fabric shop in York. Viking Loom, Gillies Fabrics, Grace and Jacob and Fletchers Fabrics - Phew! We got the binding from Grace and Jacob and a lovely spotty backing fabric (extra wide at 140cm) and batting from Fletchers Fabrics.

As she has never basted a quilt before, we also did that together. My goodness, it is so much easier with two people helping. Anna did manage to safety pin her quilt to my lounge carpet a few times, but otherwise it was plain sailing!

She even got to start the machine quilting. She's just stitching in the ditch at the moment, but plans to do some infilling. Keep your eyes peeled over at my sister's blog, Minnie Loves, for the finished product. I'm so excited to see it.

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