Wednesday, 24 April 2013


After abandoning Emma's dress last weekend, I was really inspired to make a little dress myself. I've chosen a fairly simple pattern, with a crossover bodice and cute ruffles on the neck and sleeves. For those interested the pattern is McCalls M6494, I'm doing dress 'A' but without the applique flowers. The pattern requires two fabrics, one for the majority of the dress and a contrasting fabric for the ruffle hem. I purchased both my fabrics from the Viking Loom in York. I'll be honest, I must have been in the shop for about an hour trying various fabrics and various combinations! I'm pleased with my final choices though - dots.

The multi-coloured polka dot is Sun-Kissed by Michelle D'Amore designs for Bernatex. I will use it for the bodice and skirt.

The contrasting fabric, for the hem ruffle, is a green and white polka dot. This one is Bold and Beautiful by Michelle D'Amore designs for Bernatex. I didn't actually realise they were by the same designer but I suppose that explains why the colour match is so good.

What do you think? Super cute, no?

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